Infiltration started at NAWAPI MAR pilot in Vi Thanh

Over the last two weeks, NAWAPI has finalized the set up of the surface water treatment system at the Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) at the HAWASUCO site in Vi Thanh. Surface water is diverted to the system after the sedimentation tank of the HAWASUCO treatment system and pumped into a storage tank. The water is then pumped through a sand filter tank and an advanced filter tank with activated carbon and manganese sand, before being stored in the 5 m³ treated water tank. The system is capable of treating about 500 m³/day.

Intake of surface water


NAWAPI treatment system

On Oct 17, treated water was infiltrated by gravity for the first time at about 3 L/s into the deeper MAR well (170 m). This resulted in a water level increase by about 7 m in the well. Infiltration will continue for the next 5 days.

Infiltration of treated surface water into the deeper well

Dr. Hoang Thi Hanh (CRMGG) installed semi-automatic groundwater level loggers in both MAR wells, three production wells and the DONRE monitoring well. In addition, one EC logger was installed at screen depth (110 m) in the DONRE monitoring well. EC is also monitored in the treated water storage tank. NAWAPI staff was instructed by her how to extract the data from the loggers.

Instruction on extraction of data from loggers

In addition, water samples of the treated water will be taken every 2-3 days by the HAWASUCO lab team.

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