1st Training on Introduction to Hydro-geochemistry data processing and analysis

s9Hanoi: The 1st training course on hydro-geochemistry was prepared by Dr. Hoang Thi Hanh and Dr. Frank Wagner (IGPVN) and organized by IGPVN on 19th and 20th, April 2012 at the Sunway Hotel in Hanoi. Young technical staffs from CWRPI were invited to the training course. At first, Dr. Frank Wagner introduced to the participants about the general objectives and the main contents of this training course and concluded in several examples from previous IGPVN hydro-geochemical studies in order to demonstrate the possibilities and benefits of hydro-geochemical tools. Then, a lecture was given by Dr. Hanh in which, a number of basic concepts on hydro-geochemistry, the chemical composition of groundwater and some important processes that can control groundwater chemistry was explained. Basic contents on field method were also presented to the participants: how to prepare for a field trip, what to do in the field to collect water samples, which parameters should be measured on-site, how to preserve water samples for chemical analysis in laboratory and what kind of analytical instruments can be used for determination of various components in natural water.

Also technical equipment for measuring hydro-chemical parameter in field was introduced to the participants. The participants were able to practise with the equipment, measuring pH, conductivity values and dissolved oxygen concentration of some water samples and calibrate the equipment using the appropriate standard solutions.


Furthermore,  Dr. Hanh introduced to the participants about the sources of hydro-geochemical data and why these data need to be processed. Reliability check, statistical data analysis and data visualization were explained to the participants. A number of typical graphs and mapping tools used in hydrogeochemical studies were introduced in detail to the participants: how to create these diagrams, what can be inferred from each type of diagram.

In the final practical session, a raw data set on groundwater chemical analysis was provided to the participants so that each of them can process the data, summarize the data and make some comments on that data set in a brief summary with respect to data reliability, groundwater quality, hydrogeochemical characteristic of groundwater. Further training sessions on Hydrogeochemsitry are planned to deepen the knowledge and practical expertise of the participants.

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