World Water Day 2016

On 21st and 22nd, March 2016, the Ministry of Nature Resources and Environment in coordination with Thanh Hoa Provincial People‘s Committee have cooperated to organize a series of events to celebrate the World Water Day 2016 with the topic of Water and Jobs. It included a Scientific Seminar, a Painting and Photo Exhibition, Cultural Artistic Performances and a talkshow with specialists in water sector, as well as a meeting of Thanh Hoa citizens with representatives of national and provincial authorities aimed to raise community awareness and therefore take action to protect the water resources.

The Scientific Seminar „Water and Jobs” attracted nearly 200 delegates from central and local environmental-related institutions and departments, domestic and international managers, as well as scientists and specialists. The Seminar included 10 presentations focusing on several issues spreading from scientific, legal to cultural aspects related to water and jobs such as: Groundwater resources development solutions to help the stabilization of livelihoods, economy and national security of the people living in mountainous and water-scarcity areas; Basic planning and investigation: Foundation for sustainable development of national water resources; The issues affecting the sustainable development of river basins in Vietnam; Groundwater improvement and protection in Mekong Delta; Public – private partnership model in water sector and the applicability in Vietnam, water institutions and jobs, etc..
At a talk show with specialists, the audience had the chance to interact with the speakers – 2 well-known scientists and artists – who dedicated their lifetime to the protection of water resources. The specialists discussed the relationship between water and jobs as well as its role in art and culture, which helped the audience to understand the importance of water as a resource for life. Water not only plays a vital role in the human life, but also has a tremendous influence on the existence of the entire nation.

The message throughout the events and the national meeting on 22nd March is „Better water, better jobs“. Water creates jobs for nearly half of the population of the world as it is the fundament for agriculture, forestry, aqua-farming and other water-related sectors. The access to safe water resources can change the life and livelihood of billions of people on Earth. The United Nation General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon, has said „Water is the core element deciding about the existence of human beings, the environment and the economy“.

The event was held at a historic moment – when almost the entire area of the Mekong Delta, the Central Highlands and the Southern Central provinces suffered from a severe historic drought and salt water intrusion, which happens only once in a 100 years-time, threatening the livelihood and the life of a million of our countryman. It once again reminds us to use the water effectively and it is high time to act for an efficient protection of the precious water resources.

The German experts and the IGPVN project team have contributed to the success of the events by participating in the seminar, supporting the painting exhibition and supplied other financial and organizational support.

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