IGPVN Overview (old)

The Technical Cooperation Project “Improvement of Groundwater Protection in Vietnam” (IGPVN) works on several key factors for sustainable groundwater management in the Mekong Delta: improving the information base on groundwater resources and their utilization, strengthening capacities for groundwater regulation, and contributing to a coherent, multi-sectoral and evidence-based approach to water resources planning and decision making. This is underlined by outreach and networking activities to build awareness on challenges and potentials of groundwater management, and to foster the cooperation of institutions and individuals across administrative boundaries and disciplines.
IGPVN’s approach reflects various political and sectoral developments of recent years: (i) the 2012 National Green Growth Strategy (NGGS) and action plan, anchoring green growth and overall environmental targets firmly in the Vietnam’s national agenda, (ii) the 2012 Water Law and subsequent decrees and circulars regulating various aspects of groundwater planning, utilization, monitoring and protection, and (iii) the Government decisions and related plans on regional cooperation (2016) and on sustainable and climate resilient development (2017) of the Mekong Delta. All of these provide opportunities and entry points to promote sustainable groundwater management.
IGPVN is a joint effort of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources of Germany (BGR) and the National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation of Vietnam (NAWAPI), partnering with other sector agencies at the central level and in provinces of the Mekong Delta. IGPVN is the main groundwater-oriented initiative within the Vietnamese-German Development Cooperation portfolio, operating in close coordination with other Technical Cooperation modules such as the Mekong Delta Climate Resilience Program (MCRP) implemented by GIZ and MARD. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam (MONRE).