Introducing IoT equipment to NAWAPI

On June 6, the CRMGG team introduced the newly procured IoT (Internet-of-Things) equipment to NAWAPI, which will be installed in the field next week. In addition to the scientifically oriented Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) experiments, the pilot site in Vi Thanh will also host an innovative data collection and management pilot using a modular IoT-based approach via LoRaWAN. Compared to traditional automatic environmental monitoring systems, they promise significant cost-savings, high degree of compatibility across manufacturers and devices, excellent spatial coverage in a decentralized setup, low energy consumption and highly customizable data exchange and transmission based on non-proprietary formats.

If the pilot in Vi Thanh is successful, the IoT systems poses great potential for installation at the national monitoring sites in the future, when it will be possible to integrate the data generated in the field into the big data system of NAWAPI.


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