Workshop on “result-based monitoring”

s24On 27th November 2012, the IGPVN project has held a workshop on “Result-based monitoring” with the participation of the leaders of the Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation, representatives of the divisions, subcenters.

Mr. Christopher Scharfe – a Project Monitoring expert – was the trainer of the workshop. According to Mr. Scharfe, “result-based monitoring” is a new trend in the global project management and has been adopted by the German Government for all development support projects.

According to the above approach, the project monitoring helps the practitioners grasp the current status of project implementation and to be able to promptly adjust the plan to achieve the project goals. The achievements will not end up in a general report but will be applied in practice through administrative plans and decisions.


Mr. Scharfe provided specific examples and practical exercises to help the participants understand the nature and basic principles of the above methods.

After the presentation with specific examples, the participants were divided into two groups and practiced “result-based monitoring” for IGPVN project. Specific results are presented in the Workshop Summary Report of Dr. Tran Ngoc Trung in the DOWNLOAD section.


Prof. Pham Quy Nhan and Mr. Jens Boehme (Project Leader) gave closing remarks for the workshop. The two persons expressed their satisfaction and agreement with the workshop’s achievements. The participants had a better understanding of the purpose, meaning and methods of the result-based monitoring; the differences and the effectiveness of this approach. Specific monitoring measures and plans were suggested for IGPVN project. Currently the IGPVN project is being implemented in a right direction.


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