Implementing a well survey in Ca Mau Province

In order to carry out the tasks of the Improvement of Groundwater Protection in Viet Nam (IGPVN) project in the period of 2018-2020, from 19th November 2018 to 24th February 2019 a survey of licensed wells in Ca Mau Province was implemented by the DONRE Cà Mau with the participating of Sub-DONRE, the Districts and Communes in entire Ca Mau Province, in cooperation with the project IGPVN.

During the survey, the well owners were interviewed basing on a questionnaire relating to well licenses, groundwater use and monitoring, sanitary protection zone for the water supply well. A number of parameters (groundwater level, groundwater electrical conductivity, well coordinate) were measured onsite. At the end of the wells survey, 522 licensed wells were surveyed. Information obtained from the well survey will be considered and interpreted to meet the major objectives of the survey as follows:
– Verify information on well licenses, actual groundwater abstraction and use,
– Assess the feasibility of setting up a DONRE or well-owner-based groundwater monitoring system (Circular No.47/2017/TT-BTNMT),
– Assess the need and feasibility for establishing sanitary protection zones (Circular 24/2016/TT-BTNMT),
– Provide a base data-set to develop, test and populate a groundwater data management software for the DONRE,
– Improve the hydrogeological/scientific understanding of aquifers with particular emphasis on ground water salinity,
– Improve the awareness of the community on groundwater as well as the threats of groundwater salinization in particular.
A final report of the well survey will be issued in 2019 and it will include valuable recommendations for groundwater management and protection in Ca Mau Province.

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