Training the trainers on Water Resources Communication for Ca Mau Province (29-31/8/2016)

In frame of the Project “Improvement of Groundwater Protection in Vietnam” (IGPVN), the Training the trainers (ToT) on Water Resources Communication was co-organized by IGPVN and Ca Mau DONRE for Ca Mau Province from 29th September 2016 to 31st September 2016 in Ca Mau City.

Together with the DONRE staff, the training also gathered the participation of people from different sectors, including massive organizations like Women Union, Youth Union, National Frontier and state management institutions such as the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Health, Department of Science Technology, Department of Transport etc.,

20160829_Ca Mau ToT_01

The training aims to provide main skills and knowledge on water resources communication for officers from the DONRE and other relevant stakeholders in water resources management and protection in the province. It also enhances knowledge, coordination and networking among stakeholders, especially those who do not work directly in the field of water and environment sector in order to communicate the issue effectively to the mass community.

20160829_Ca Mau ToT_02

General knowledge about Water on Earth, Water Cycle, Water Values, Water Pollution, River system of Vietnam, Major River Basins, National and International water resources policies and institutions as well as interesting concepts of Water Foot Prints, Virtual Water and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) have been interestingly introduced to participants through different methods such as group work, presentation, games, role playing and contests. Participants had chance to practise basic communication skills such as listening, observation, group-working, group leadership, presentation and role-playing and game organization. With advanced teaching method, trainees were promoted to participate in the training with full interest and excitement.

20160829_Ca Mau ToT_03

Through a short time, all the important concepts on water resources and water resources communication skills have been transferred. Participants have been actively discussed on urgent water issues in Ca Mau such as causes of groundwater depression and land subsidence, water pollution, customs and habits affecting aquatic eco-system, livelihood after disasters etc. Analysis on stakeholders for strategic planning of water resources communication have also been practiced. Based on effective evaluation process by the end of the training, a remarkable improvement on the water knowledge and water communication have been achieved.

With the impressive and effective approach, IGPVN believed that it has brought good tools to communicate scientific knowledge one step closer to the community, putting the water issues in its deserved attention.

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