Review of the survey on licenses and licensed production wells in Hau Giang and transfer the groundwater information system (GISD)

From January 23 to 26, 2024, experts from the Project Climate Resilient Management of Groundwater and Geohazards (CRMGG) worked with specialized departments of Hau Giang DONRE to summarize the license and licensed groundwater exploitation wells survey in Hau Giang province and transfer the groundwater information system (GISD) to the DONRE.

The program to investigate licenses and groundwater exploitation wells is carried out directly by the officials of the Natural Resources and Environment departments of districts, towns and cities in November and December 2024. The Department of Natural Resources and Climate Change made plan and directly coordinated the survey. Previously, in August 2023, the CRMGG Project organized a training course to instruct DONRE and district officials how to conduct the survey.

The GISD allows storing, updating, and retrieving all information about Groundwater licenses and Groundwater exploitation wells; is an effective tool for managing groundwater resources in localities. This system has been built and successfully transferred by the IGPVN Project to the Mekong Delta provinces. During this business trip, CRMGG Project experts supported the installation of servers and GISD software for Hau Giang DONRE and instructed specialized officials on how to use this software.

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