Well Survey training in Bac Lieu

The well survey training was conducted in Bac Lieu City for three days, from Sep 13 to Sep 15 to enable the DONRE Bac Lieu and its district officers to carry out a well survey of licensed wells in their province. This information would be valuable to verify the data on licensed abstractions entered into the Groundwater Information System Database. A total of 28 people from the DONRE Bac Lieu, Districts of Bac Lieu, NAWAPI headquarters and NAWAPI South Division successfully participated and were handed over certificates.

During the first day of the training course, participants were presented with (1) a general overview of the hydrogeological situation and impacts of groundwater abstractions, (2) an overview of how the well survey should be conducted, and (3) were given instructions on the equipment that would be used during the survey. They also were given a chance to practice with the equipment.

On the second day of the training course, the participants had to practice a well survey hands on at two field sites with two wells each, given them a glimpse of issues that could arise during the actual survey.

On the last day, participants reflected on their gained knowledge and challenges. Participants confirmed that the KoBo toolbox was an innovative and useful tool that could also be applied to other types of survey.

Further steps were discussed with the DONRE.

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