MAR site selection process takes the next steps

After the successful kick-off earlier this month of the Dutch co-funded Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) pilot with Hawasuco, the project entered into the next phase of site investigation. On Oct 27, CRMGG and staff from Quatest3 conducted water sampling from the two production wells and treated surface water at the Water Treatment Plant in Nga Bay. Water samples will be analysed for a broad range of parameters to assess the suitability of the water supply and the native groundwater for the proposed MAR pilot.

Sampling of fully treated water after disinfection

Sampling of treated water before disinfection

Sampling at production well

In addition, CRMGG installed a CTD diver in the observation well in preparation for a multi-day pumping test, which will be conducted by DWRPIS (Department of Water Resources Planning and Investigation for the South of Vietnam) starting Oct 28. The results will give valuable information about the hydraulic properties of the aquifer.

Manual measurement of groundwater level to calibrate logger values


Preparation for pumping test by DWRPIS

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