First recovery started at NAWAPI MAR pilot in Vi Thanh

Until Oct 27, the NAWAPI MAR pilot has infiltrated over 5 days about 1000 m³ of treated fresh surface water to two different wells (170 m and 104 m depth) each. After 5 days of storage, the deep well, which has a brackish native groundwater (16 500 µS/cm) has now started the 3-day recovery phase. CRMGG installed an EC logger to measure the change of salinity in the recovered water and is monitoring the water quality of the recovered water with daily sampling. In the next days, also the shallower well will finish the first round of experiments with a 3-day recovery.

Afterwards, a second round of experiments with 5 days of infiltration, 10 days of storage and 4 days of recovery is planned and water quality monitoring will continue.

EC logger installed in outflow bucket


Water quality monitoring during recovery by Ms. Trang from the HAWASUCO laboratory

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