Deltares Software Days South East Asia

The event was held at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in Singapore from Feb 22nd to 24th, 2023. The Project “Climate resilient management of groundwater and geohazards” (CRMGG) covered the cost for two staff of NAWAPI (MS. Vu Hai Ha- Officer of the Department for Science, Technology and International Cooperationand and Dr. Dang Tran Trung – Vice Director of CEWAFO) to participate in this event for the purpose of capacity building.

At the seminar and training courses, they had the opportunity to meet members of the international organization Deltares, such as Dr. Janjaap Brinkman, Kun Yan, Julien Groenenboom, Ali Meshgi, Bregje van Wesenbeeck, Ap van Dongeren and other experts from NUS.

On the first day, Feb 22nd, 2023, they attended the seminar with various presentations from experts in Deltares and that was a good opportunity for networking. Both of them were very impressed with the studies and presentations, such as the evolution of hydrological modeling software; the forecasting model from global to local scale; the 3D hydrodynamic model in Hong Kong using Delft3D Flexible mesh; large-scale groundwater management; uncertainty in flood modeling capability, and flood modeling in cities. On the next day, they attended a short course on “Groundwater modelling using iMOD” which was introduced and instructed by Dr. Ali Meshgi. On the last day (Feb 24th, 2023), they attended a short course on the Delft-FEWS model connected to the wflow hydrological model, led by two lecturers: Dr. Hélène Boisgontier and Dr. Christian Liguori.

The training course provided participants with knowledge and skills in using advanced water modelling tools, such as iMOD and Delft-FEWS, for groundwater forecasting, monitoring, and management, as well as surface water modelling. These tools can help understand the complex interactions between surface water and groundwater systems, which is essential for developing effective strategies for managing water resources.

Overall, the knowledge of new and advanced new modelling techniques can be used to improve the accuracy of groundwater/ surface forecasting and monitoring systems. This can help to manage better and sustainably utilize water resources. In addition, introducing and testing new and free models will help NAWAPI diversify the field of forecasting, increase the ability to customize and use effectively, and expand the usability of the models for other users.

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