IGPVN working meeting with Ca Mau DONRE on development of a groundwater management database

On Monday, 25.03.2019 the experts Mr Torge Tünnermeier (BGR) and Mr Le Dinh Dung (NAWAPI) visited Ca Mau DONRE for a one day “interim result” workshop on the development of a new groundwater management database system.

The system will assist the DONRE in effectively and efficiently storing, visualizing and managing groundwater-related information for the province of Ca Mau. Until now, most information, including the documentation of extraction licenses, is stored in paper form, in different locations and without a unified well cadaster, hence data access and administrative procedures are tedious. A modern integrated database tool is indispensable for more effective regulation of groundwater extraction and allows provincial water authorities to better cope with implementing the recently expanded legal framework for groundwater management. The system is developed and engineered in Vietnam based on the existing NAWAPI database and expertise, so as to ensure client-orientation and long-term support.
The purpose of the interim workshop was to inform DONRE Ca Mau about the current development status, conduct a first test-run on-site and obtain feedback from the DONRE experts. A comprehensive training and transfer of the database is planned for the second quarter of 2019. Results from the survey of licensed production wells conducted by DONRE in late 2018/early 2019 in the entire province will provide the base data set to populate the new system.
Once successfully implemented in Ca Mau, the system will also serve as a pilot for future application and replication at other DONREs of the Mekong Delta.

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