Bigdata, implementation progress, and following plans

On December 18, Mr. Trieu Duc Huy – Deputy General Director of the National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation had a meeting with the BGR expert, South Division and the working group on his business trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

The meeting aimed to report on the progress of Big Data implementation and outline the project plan for the following year. According to the team report, most of the work packages planned for 2023 have been completed. These include  the completion of a digital transformation architecture diagram, the installation of new servers, enhancing network connectivity, the development of a Big Data infrastructure utilizing the Opensource Apache Hadoop framework, establishing VPN connections from divisions to NAWAPI to facilitate resource sharing and enable remote access to modeling software like MIKE and FEFLOW,etc. Despite an outstanding issue related to the access speed of the monitoring software, which is set to be addressed, which is to be improved, the 2023 workplan is considered a success.

At his remark, the BGR expert noted the issues to be addressed and requests from the Division. He confirmed that these issues will be resolved in the Digital Platform component next year.

Mr. Trieu Duc Huy acknowledged the effort and success achieved by the BGR expert and the working group. He expects the expert will return to Vietnam early next year and continue implementing the new component with the NAWAPI working group, ensuring NAWAPI’s Digital Transformation progress.

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