VPN connection at the North, Central, and South Divisions

From December 14 to December 18, the BGR IT expert – Mr. Erich Odon Muhire and the NAWAPI team were on a business trip to the three Divisions to connect the Divisions’ servers with the NAWAPIs. Through several working sessions, the Divisions were guided to install applications and software on computers, training on a VPN connection to access NAWAPI’s server, uploading and downloading data from Big data, and using the copyrighted Mike model. In addition, the expert also guided the Divisions to remotely access the new server equipped by BGR to take advantage of the processor’s power, speeding up usage speed when working with monitoring software.

VPN connection in the South Division


VPN connection in the Central Division


VPN connection in the North Division

VPN connection will help NAWAPI headquarters and Divisions share internal resources. Besides, the employees can access NAWAPI’s internal resources while working at home or on a business trip.

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