World water day 2014

IMG_6579This year’s world water day 2014 was taking place in Lai Chau Province, in northwestern Vietnam. It was under the theme “energy & water”, which holds true especially for Lai Chao, where only 9% have access to clean water (MOH Standard) and 70% are connected to the power network.
The world water day in Vietnam was organized by the DWRM and MONRE with the BGR as one main sponsor. High ranking people such as the Vietnamese Vice Prime Minister, Minister of MONRE, Vice Ministers, PPC Director, Representatives from the regional Divisions and DONREs, and the WB Country Director were present. The BGR team organized an info stand distributing awareness comics, puzzles, and baseball hats. For interested visitors, the BGR water box was demonstrated, showing the movement of groundwater in different layers. This is visualized by coloring the input water to make the water flow through the sand layers visible.
Christian Glaeser

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