Planning workshop for the second phase of the project

bgr9To better planning for the 2nd phase of the Project “Capacity strengthening of groundwater resources planning and investigation in urban areas of Vietnam” (IGPVN), a planning workshop co-organized by CWRPI and BGR has taken place on 24th – 25th February 2011 at Melia Hotel with the participation of more than 30 people from BGR headquarter and the Project Team, CWRPI and its Subordinates as well as the five DONREs of Ha Noi, Ha Nam, Nam Dinh, Quang Ngai and Soc Trang.

Dr. Do Tien Hung, Director of CWRPI and Mr. Jens Boehme, IGPVN Project Leader jointly opened the workshop. After the short opening session, each side had a short presentation on the results of the first phase and their expectations for the second phase. In general, all speeches outlined the importance of improvement of management capability of groundwater resource in Vietnam

Effervescent discussions have been raised up when participants expressed their ideas on the tasks/activities, milestones, resources needed for successful implementation of the Project’s second phase. The strong commitment from all DONREs has been shown up which is considered the first sign to ensure the successes of the Project.

As an outcome of the workshop, the participants agreed in principle on following issues:  Project objective is “Improvement of general investigation, planning and management capacity of GW for the CWRPI and 5 provinces of Hanoi, Ha Nam, Nam Dinh, Quang Ngai and Soc Trang”. Three indicators to measure the achievement of the project objective are: 1) Planning guidelines in sector of GW salinisation, utilization, pollution are considered in management decision of DONRE’s in pilot provinces, 2) CWRPI increases his consulting services in themes of Groundwater salinisation, pollution and utilization

(Number of Man/ Month Ininput processed actions for the 1st, 2nd and 3th years), 3) IWRM roundtable is organized together twice in a year with cooperation of all relevant stakeholders (minute of meeting are availble). Five outputs are agreed upon including 1) Pilot case studies concerning relevant groundwater issues  (capacity building 1: expertise, solutions, recommendations), 2) CWRPI Multiplier Teams transfer knowledge to Divisions/DONREs (capacity building 2: training, transfer), 3) Support IWRM process in Vietnam, 4) Improve the awareness for Groundwater Protection, 5) Organisational Development CWRPI (internal  and external).

The PMU shall work with DONREs to refine all main activities and appropriate milestones relating to the 5 project’s outputs taking into account actual capability, data/information, documents and resource available in each province which will be verified in the Baseline studies planned to be carried out after the Workshop.

Mr. Jens Boehme and Dr. Do Tien Hung jointly closed the workshop on 25th Feb. at 16.30, expressing their satisfaction of both sides on the agreed outcomes of the Workshop and hoping for the successes of the Project.

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