New Intern of IGPVN

Ngoc Anh, the new intern of IGPVN project, is a master student from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand. She is working on her thesis on a groundwater related topic. She has been strongly motivated to participate in this project with the expectation to improve the understanding of hydrogeology, to gain more practical experience of field work, and to get familiar with water resources policies in Vietnam.

Introduction Ngoc Anh_01

Ngoc Anh graduated with a bachelor degree at Water Resources University, Hanoi Vietnam under a cooperation program with Colorado State University. She ranked second in her class, and afterwards got a Royal Thai Government scholarship to pursue her master degree at the AIT, Thailand. In the second year of her master course, she received the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to study the third semester at the Technische Universität Dresden, Germany and participated in the research of the Institute for Groundwater Management in Dresden. She also participated in a lot of groundwater related events such as INOWAS summer school on Management Aquifer Recharge. Ngoc Anh presented her poster and paper at the 2016 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability in Shanghai and her paper was awarded the third prize. She shared that she has been getting increasingly interested in hydrogeology. That definitely motivated her to join IGPVN project with us as an intern.

Introduction Ngoc Anh_03

She supports the IGPVN Project Leader on press and media reviews focusing on water resource policies and environmental issues; supports developing and implementing of awareness raising activities and supports the office administrative tasks.

We also facilitate her to participate in the technical part, such as joining water sampling, participating in data analysis, and attending the VACI conference on transboundary water.

We truly support her to reach her professional potential and significantly contribute to the betterment of Vietnam through groundwater resource engineering.

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