Training for maintenance of automatic monitoring equipment at U Minh well cluster

The “Climate-resilient management of groundwater and geohazards (CRMGG)” project conducted retraining and coaching on the operation and maintenance of the telemetric groundwater monitoring equipment at the U Minh monitoring well cluster, U Minh district, Ca Mau province on 31.5.2022. Strengthening the DONRE’s capacity ensures the sustainability and efficiency in the technical support package of the IGPVN/CRMGG project for DONREs in surveillance and monitoring of groundwater resources. The training focused on developing practical skills in maintenance and operation of equipment in the field, such as assembling and mounting the monitoring device parts, configuring the parameters for automatic groundwater level gauge (Dipper PT) and transmitter device (Slimcom4G), retrieving the data through cable or via internet/4G mobile data and checking and correcting the equipment precision based on the actual groundwater measurement on-site. Furthermore, the participants were able to handle the issues related to data transmission and access the monitoring device online.

The training successfully took place with the participation of 8 officials from different units of Ca Mau DONRE including the IT centre, monitoring centre, Water resource section and sub-DONRE in the U Minh district.

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