ANAWAK – a simulation game for water resources management in the context of climate change

What are the challenges for managing water? Can you satisfy everyone? How do your plans affect the population, business, and nature?

Water management is complicated, because the supply of water changes over time and often is not enough, and the users and nature have different demands and sometimes compete against each other.

ANAWAK user interface

In order to give people an insight into water management and these problems, the German project “INKA BB” (Innovation Network for Climate Change Adaptation Brandenburg Berlin) has published the simulation game “ANAWAK“. You are the planner for a small area with two towns, farms, forests, lakes, and wetland, and have to decide how to distribute water. Then the flow of water is simulated, and you see the effects of your decisions, for example happy farmers or a lake drying up. People, businesses, and nature will be more or less happy with your decision, and you will try to improve in the next round, all the while dealing with climate change reducing your water resources.

The IGPVN project has prepared a Vietnamese translation of the game and we are happy to be able to publish it now.
You can play ANAWAK or download it here on our website.
Introduction documents and video about ANAWAK can be download here.

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