Kickoff Meeting to start NAWAPI’s Managed Aquifer Recharge Pilot in Vi Thanh

On 30.05.2023 NAWAPI launched the pilot on managed aquifer recharge (MAR) in Vi Thanh, Hau Giang province in accordance with NAWAPI’s project TNMT.2022.02.12. The MAR pilot will be undertaken in cooperation with Hau Giang Water Supply Company (HAWASUCO) and the DONRE of Hau Giang. CRMGG is planning on supporting the pilot with additional water quality monitoring and geochemical modelling. Two new recharge wells and a surface water pre-treatment system will be constructed by NAWAPI. Then recharge to three different aquifers (around 110 m, 160 m and 330 m depth) will be piloted with a series of two short experimental recharge, storage and recovery cycles at the new wells and existing production wells of HAWASUCO.

Participants from all parties gathered to discuss related administrative and technical issues and inspect the site for construction. The main concerns raised were the quality of the recharge water and potential clogging of the wells. The DONRE also expects a detailed implementation plan. A step-by-step approach should be taken to limit the risk of groundwater contamination and clogging of wells.

Welcome note by Dr. Trieu Duc Huy from NAWAPI
CRMGG expert Anke Steinel who gave a presentation at the meeting
Measuring groundwater level at backup well of HAWASUCO
Surface water intake at Xa No canal in front of HAWASUCO

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